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Voice Search SEO | How to Rank First on Google (4 Tips Works Quickly)

Voice Search SEO | How to Rank First on Google (Step by Step)

The digital market place is ever changing space full of fierce competition where every participant wants to have a piece of the pie. Naturally, the way to get to the top will be the greatest challenge for every ambitious business. but when there is a will there is a way right!

You can’t just put your business on auto pilot and wish for your ranking to get higher over competitors. You always need to take advantage of the rising opportunities that come your way.

voice search seo

The short story behind voice recognition technology ?

The first Voice recognition technology was founded back in 1952 by Bell Laboratories they called it ‘Audrey’ it was enormous move forward in the digital world.

In 2010 Apple acquired the world’s first intelligent personal assistant invented by Adam Cheyer he Called it ‘Siri’ and it was incorporated first time into Apple’s iPhone 4s smart phone.

Surprisingly, Siri can now solve very complex math problems for you, you can teach Siri how to pronounce your contact names or let her search anything for you and get a quick and accurate results. that is ‘voice search’ built in all smart mobile devices. And now it’s one of the most rapid expanding trends in internet marketing and SEO. That’s why having your online presence optimized for Voice Search is now a Must. Otherwise, you will start losing massive amount of organic traffic generated by voice Searches.

In this article you will learn everything you need to optimize for voice search. Be prepared to skyrocket your traffic and start appearing in first results when people do a local voice search.

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Why Voice Search SEO is so important?

Voice search has taken over 50% of searches in 2020 and all signs indicate to increase of 9.7% in 2021 with 122.7 million users. More than 40% of adults will be doing at least one search each day using voice search SEO. In addition, mobile voice searches are three times more likely to be based on geographical location by using Google’s BERT.

Voice Search SEO command Types

  1. Voice action commands: Which is simply when you ask google to make an action on your device. For example: Hey Google, call my contact Julia! Or Find me a “Particular Place” This is where your business will appear in local business search results.
  2. Voice Search SEO Commands: it’s when you ask google about a particular topic or when you’re looking for answers. For example, how to fix broken window at my house?.

Voice Search SEO Results Sources

For iPhone devices: Results pull from (Yelp, Bing, Foursquare, Apple Maps)

For Android devices: Results pull from (Google My Business)

For Alexa: Results pull from (Yelp and Bing)

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How to Rank First on Google (Step by Step)

Step #1 Set up your Map Profiles

For Local busines searches (aka near me searches) you have to claim and optimize online profiles with photos, reviews, the proper keywords and the right category.

The online business profile that you need are Yelp, Google My Business, Bing Maps, Foursquare, and Apple Maps.

How to optimize your keywords for local voice searches?

  1. Add ‘Near Me’ to meta description, title tags, anchor text and internal links.
  2. Add the landmarks that people use usually when trying to find your location

Optimize more!

People want fast results; they don’t like waiting. For that you need to make sure that your website loads fast without any issues

You can check your website speed using Google Page Insights

page speed insights for ravenful

How to increase My website speed?

  1. Enabling Compression
  2. Minify CSS, JS files, Html
  3. Reduce any redirects
  4. Eliminate Render-blocking JS
  5. Optimize Cashing
  6. Optimize server response
  7. Use CDN
  8. Optimize website images

Step #2 Add FAQ Section to your website

Frequently asked questions

When you do a voice search, you’ll notice that the first things to show up are FAQ and sometimes a featured snippet (position 0)

Voice search SEO is equivalent to featured snippet so in order to have your featured snippets appear on voice search SEO results you need to work on Questions and Answers section in your website.

How to make featured snippet appear on search results?

  1. Set up clear headline with your question
  2. Provide 40-50 Words long answers
  3. Use the best form for your question (How does, how to, what is, what do I do when, how do)
Ask the public

You can use Answer the public tools to come up with these questions. Just type your preferred keyword and field of expertise and you will get all types of questions that people are actually looking into google divided and organized in nice tables and visuals as the picture above.

keyword optimization

Step# 3 Optimize conversational keywords

Optimizing your short tail keywords only is not enough, you need to dive in long-tail conversational keywords because it provides you with the questions that you need to focus on.

How to optimize your conversational keywords?

  1. Optimize your content in Q&A formats
  2. Focus on FAQ section in your websites and be selective with the questions.
  3. Optimize data in your website structure in order to help google understand your pages
  4. Additionally, you can add customer queries section
mobile-friendly test

Step #4 Optimize website for Mobile devices

Since most of the voice searches will be on mobile devices, naturally you’re going to need a mobile-friendly site.

Google main recommendation is to have responsive web design in your website. You can check if your website is mobile friendly or not by using Mobile-friendly Test.


Voice search is becoming smarter and more trending each day, Successful business owners will follow each trend and adapt because they believe that every trend has its own power. That’s why your business need to be continuously adapting. This way you’re going to beat your competition.

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