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10 Best Video Marketing Trends to Skyrocket Engagement In 2021

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In a very demanding marketplace, most of business owners nowadays are striving to stay a step ahead of their competitors by keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Video marketing has become one of the essential parts in any successful online marketing strategy. Nowadays, More and more businesses chose to invest in video marketing because of the its proven power to engage targeted audience.

In this article, I’ll present to you, the biggest video marketing trends that will dominate in 2021 predicted by digital marketing experts.

Animated Videos

10 Best Video Marketing Trends in 2021

1. Animated Videos

A great way to access to all people with different ages is by making animated videos. Also, it’s a great alternative for shooting real videos. Animated videos can be even more engaging when it’s combined with real videos. It’s one of the best ways to converts long mundane informative content into real attention-grabbing videos.

Live videos

2. Live videos

Many online marketers focus on live streaming videos because it’s more authentic and people can show more engagement by interacting and commenting in real time.  

Shoppable videos

3. Shoppable videos

With more and more popularity of video marketing, video advertising is now one of the most effective marketing strategies. Most of online marketers in the united states depend on video advertising to draw a huge amount of engagement and potential customers.

Short form videos

4. Short form videos

Sort form videos is set to me one of the most popular video marketing trends this year especially after the launch of Instagram Reel videos and the massive growth of TikTok.

Interactive videos

5. Interactive videos

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) continue to grow and raise popularity with huge implementation into our lives. Considering its huge potential most of online marketers adopted VR into their online advertisements enabling the customers to have a similar virtual experience from the comfort of their homes.


6. Personalized videos

People love the personalized content because it makes them feel special. Personalized videos have been used on many different social media platforms to celebrate in a different way in any special occasion.

Storytelling Videos

7. Storytelling Videos

The narrative video format is very effective because it enables the marketer to deliver their message through compelling stories. For example, instead of straight forward advertisements, people will enjoy watching a short story talking about a relatable situation with a happy resolution.

Educational and training videos

8. Educational and training videos

The global health crisis forced people to work and study remotely as the only alternative. Students had to adapt with the new virtual learning experience which made e-learning methods extremely popular. With more than 36% growth over a year educational videos ranked to the top of the video marketing trends in 2021.

Lightweight videos

9. Lightweight videos

Research found that the lightweight, small sized video content gets the most engagement. So, it’s extremely recommended to repropose the existing content by creating more targeted and shorter videos.

User generated videos

10. User generated videos  

User generated content proved to play a key role in modern marketing strategies. Likewise, user generated videos are now very popular and effective to keep your viewers attention for much longer time. Many online marketers use user generated video content to convert consumers into Sales.


Many online marketers use text and labels on their video content because most users surf their social feed with sounds off. So labeled videos will enable them to receive the message and make an interaction.  


In a nutshell these are the best video marketing trends expected to dominate in 2021. It’s important to find the most suitable methods to adopt in your marketing strategy. Most online marketing professionals use repurposing content to adapt with the new trends. By keeping up to date with the new video marketing trends, you will have a great potential to stand ahead of your competitors.   

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