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How Successful People Spend the First Hour of the Day (7 Best Morning Routines)

Do you often wonder how the most successful people spend the early hours of their day? It’s a reasonably common question to possess, considering that success relies tons on the routine you’re taking up daily, and the way you use your given time.

“There are 86400 seconds in a day and how you use those seconds is critical.”

Eric Thomas

Of course, you can’t do an entire lot with your first hour of the day. However, you’ll still use that time productively to do many things that the majority of people wouldn’t be doing because they’re either still asleep, or simply waiting until their work time.

How Successful People Spend the First Hour of the Day

How Successful People Spend the first Hour of the Day

Here are some examples of ways successful people will spend the first hour of their day, which in their case is typically bright and early. Take notes!


1. Meditation

Meditation may be a good way to start out the day, because it allows you to clear your mind from the previous days of the week, so as you’re starting fresh, calm yourself down and the most of your day.

The beauty of meditation is that it allows you to acknowledge and process all of your thoughts during a calming state. most people think that they’re just unable to meditate because they can’t stop their flow of thinking, but thoughts are natural and it’s a part of meditation.

Examples of successful people that meditate include the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons, Ray Dalio and Bill George. However, these are just a couple of the various, many successful folks that do use meditation in their morning routines.


2. Exercise

Exercise is perhaps one among the worst things most people could consider to try to having just woken up, but again it has a similar effect to meditation, allowing you to clear your mind, keep your body refreshed and reflect at a time where you’ve got the foremost energy to do so.

Some people go against exercising within the morning, because they assert it drains their energy for the rest of the work day.

Although those people successfully exercising every morning and still having energy for the remainder of the day might think that was just an excuse to not need to put tons of effort into something early within the morning.

A couple of great samples of successful people that spend the primary hour of the day exercising are Barack Obama, and Steve Reinemund, the previous chairman and CEO of Pepsi.

Preparation and Planning

3. Preparation and Planning

An undeniable way that effective individuals spend the early hours is by preparation and planning. Going through the main hour of your day arranging implies you’ll effectively set a plan for your day, that empowers you to eliminate distractions.

Surely, a great deal of effective individuals design and get ready for the rest of the day, utilizing their first hour. What tasks should be finished and when. At the time when they will have the opportunity to do different things.

Modest Tasks

4. Modest Tasks

When modest tasks are far removed, you don’t need to stress over them for the rest of the day. You can get your mind free from them until the following. So, it makes sense to complete them over, rather than having them at the forefront of your thoughts throughout the day causing you focus issues.

These tasks can frequently be finished quickly in the event that you move them as you awaken; things like tidying up your room, taking the refuse out, setting up your lunch, figuring out archives.

Many effective individuals utilize their first hour doing this as it implies, they can totally disregard them for the rest of the day, and have complete concentration on the more significant things they will do.


5. Relaxing

Similar as Meditation, relaxing is an extraordinary method to begin the day as it assists with freeing your brain, perhaps after being exceptionally occupied, frustrated or anxious the other day.

Whatever it is you do to relax; this is an incredible method to begin your morning. whether you like to read, spend quality time with your family, etc., it assists you with getting that little bit of relaxation time before the huge day in front of you.

 Hour of Power

6. Hour of Power

Tony Robbins considers this the “Hour of Power“, whereby he spends time motivating himself with different inspirational statements, and afterwards spending the rest of the time visualizing.

Visualizing what you’ll be thankful for just as acknowledging what you are already grateful for. What you need throughout everyday life and where you will be in life in the next few years to come. It’s an amazing method to begin the day as it keeps you engaged, motivated and on track to achieve all that you need to accomplish. Successful people do this constantly, and you should to as well!

Ask Yourself

7. Ask Yourself

Steve Jobs asks himself every morning whether if this was his last day, would he be happy with himself and everything that he’s going to be doing today, if the answer is no, he knows he needs to change something.


These are only a few of the numerous potential ways effective individuals may go through the first hour of the day. There are no limits to how they could spend that hour, and there are so many productive things that can be done with that time.

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  1. This is such a good reminder. I agree with all these truth points and relate to most. I’ve been adopting these habits over the years and they do work.

  2. These are all excellent points! While reading this, I thought about which tips I already apply to my life. The ones I am lacking are the “Hour of Power” and “Relaxing”, two very powerful practices to successfully balance one’s actions/efforts.

    Great post! It’s nice to meet and follow you!

  3. This article caught my eye. I started walking in the morning at daybreak, in the fall of 2020. I need to adjust my breakfast/shower schedule depending on when the sun comes up. I am now addicted. Two miles in the morning in the winter. In the summer, up before dawn and walk four miles. Walking and prayer, I can’t think of a better way to start my day.

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