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Start A YouTube Channel vs podcast in 2021- Quick (Pros & Cons)

Start A YouTube Channel vs Podcasting in 2021 (Pros and Cons)

Are you planning to take your marketing strategy to the next level? Should you start a YouTube channel or podcasting? Which one of them would you bet on?

There are specific strategies you must know about before you start one of these options. you need to master these strategies in order to make the result that you expect from this platform.

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In this article we’re going to discuss the big differences and the most important strategies in each one of the mediums. Additionally, we will go through Pros and Cons and the most promising results you can get. 

CPM profits

YouTube Vs Podcast

1. Which one has more profitable CPM?

When it comes to CPM, Podcasting is definitely a winner. You can earn on average up to 25$ per thousand listens, you can even make more profits because you can have multiple sponsors on the same show.

On the other hand, YouTube CPM can fluctuate based on the quality of content that you produce and the demand on the kind of viewers that you get.


2. Search Engine Optimization

No matter what is your channel about you can still be appeared into search results because a lot of people are using Google and YouTube search at least one or twice a day. Here is why YouTube take a lot of advantage. In contrast, podcasts don’t work in the same way. Most people use podcasts via Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Or via iTunes App. People are more likely to search for a specific topic by entering a keyword, unfortunately it’s unlikely for your episodes to appear between the shows in the search results.


3. Attention Span

YouTube Videos have very short attention span you are more likely to lose your audience attention after 10 minutes. Unless your content is highly engaging and entertaining people will move for something else. On the other hand, The Attention span for podcasts is far longer, listeners usually continue listening for the most of the show, that is 40-60 minutes long. Additionally people are likely to consume more than on show in a day. This will give a golden chance for going in deep discussion over different interesting topics.

Youtube search

Things you should know before you start a YouTube channel


  1. YouTube To Podcast Content: Many of the YouTube videos can be converted into a podcast after a little amount of the right editing.
  2. Search Results: Since YouTube is a platform owned by Google the chances of appearing in Google search results will be higher.
  3. YouTube is the Second Largest Search engine: YouTube Comes right after Google as a great search tool people use every day to look for anything the need. For that season it’s one of the greatest tools to boost your discoverability over all the other social media platform.
  4. Work on your own terms: one of the best things about YouTube is having freedom to do the things you want, that is the most important thing for most of the creative content creators. 
  5. YouTube is becoming Mainstream: With a lot of integration into (Smart TVs, YouTube App, Etc.) people nowadays are watching YouTube content same way the watch Cable Television. Additionally, YouTube launched YouTube TV as a huge step to become a Mainstream media platform. Youtubers can even get more viewers than any other mainstream shows)
  6. Huge Opportunity: YouTube is giving a massive opportunity for growth for all creative content creators. Whether you are taking your YouTube channel as a side hobby or a fulltime commitment, the opportunity that comes your way is amazing


  1. YouTube is a long-term success platform:  YouTube is not a place that will make you cash the moment you start uploading your videos, instead you should expect revenues on the long run.
  2. The Big competition: Since a lot of people want to start their own YouTube channel for different reasons.
  3. High Learning Curve: When you start a YouTube channel you must learn about Editing, Shooting, designing video content, besides, optimizing your content for SEO and social media.
interview podcast

Things you should know before you start a Podcast

Types of Podcasts:

Interview Shows: one of the very popular podcasts when podcast creators bring on guests, it’s one of the most effective tools because you can ask your guests a lot of trending questions based on their area of expertise. 

Solo shows: Another Type of podcasting is the solo shows, when one person became the host of every show, it depends more on one voice, thus it can be a way to position your self as an authority.


  1. Growing Audience: Most people on average listen for 30 minutes or more, because it’s more convenient when you are engaged into other activity like driving, when you can consume the content passively.

2. Less Competition: Among 500 Million active bloggers, more than 40 Million Active YouTube channels, only one million active podcasts are out there, it is far smaller poll of podcasts to compete with.  

3. Building Authority: Podcast is an amazing way for building authority for your brand, let’s say you started an interview show and you start hosting successful people, you can start building friendship with them in addition to building great authority for your brand when associated with other High authority business influencers.


Low Growing Speed: when it comes to podcast one of the cons is the ability to find your audience because the number of podcast listener is less than the number of people watching YouTube.

Poor Analytics: Analytics are not good because you can only have your essential data from a hosting provider like downloads number, download source, downloading device. You can also get some insight about consumption behavior of episodes.


There are more encouraging reasons to take your decision if you haven’t started yet, think about how many people you can help in making their important life decisions or brightening their lives. Whether it’s a YouTube channel or a podcast your content can be very inspiring to other people, many people changed their lives after hearing what they need in a podcast, blog, or a YouTube video.

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