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How To Build Audience with The Best Social Media Trends in 2021

We all know it’s been a hard year for all of us trying to face challenges rising after Covid-19 Pandemic. Fortunately, there are great opportunities rising up with this year that will help you lead your business to greater success and growth.

social media trends

The importance of social media trends lies in connecting people with your business and developing relationships. Social media in a vital space to connect with your audience, reach significant number of people and advertise your brand. With over 59% of the world’s population using social media platforms, it’s crucial now to focus on the most trending tools to ensure that you reach maximum number of potential customers. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss the latest social media trends proved by experts to leading in 2021.

AI integration

Top 10 Social Media Trends in 2021

1. AI integration

Social media has become one of the most important customer intelligence data sources. AI plays a crucial role in analyzing and understanding customer preferences. AI technology integration in social media proved to gain a competitive edge by effective advertising.

Chatbots is becoming more popular in 2021 through social media platforms and started to provide automated client service like answering the most important questions and providing relevant content and personalized offers.

How to Implement AI in social media?

  1. Create Basic content using Hubspot
  2. Monitor Social Media Channels using Socialbakers
  3. Manage paid social media advertisements using Phrasee
User Generated Content

2. User Generated Content

Most people are more likely to trust recommendations from other people more than any brand. User generated Content provide accurate presentation of what you provide as a business based on content created by other users. That’s why it provides authentic view of your business.

How to implement UGC in Social media?

  1. Repost user reviews on other platforms.
  2. Start a hashtag trend
  3. Ask a question and let your audience answer this question and tag you.
Audio Content

3. Audio Content

Social media platforms started to highlight audio-based content, for example, Sending Voice clips by messenger or stories, another example is sharing songs directly from Spotify into Instagram stories. It has a huge impact on TikTok Videos when users can use catchy sound tracks and make trendy videos that can go viral easily.

Useful Audio content marketing Tips:

  1. Start a new podcast and offer your content in audio and text.
  2. Be a guest on another interview show.
Short video content

4. Short video content

People just love videos and other visuals. Researchers predict that video marketing industry will reach about 50$ billion by 2022. Short form video content has become one of the most popular trends in 2021 due to the huge amount of users’ contribution among different social media platforms. A great example is TikTok with videos generated by its users based on viral trends. Similarly, businesses on most of the leading social media platforms use short term videos as an effective tool to educate their customers or to promote products and services.

Memetic Media

5. Memetic Media

Memes are one of the best tools to create sharable content on social media, with the right text and visuals people will share your memes without a second thought, thus you can take advantage of wide and free publicity. However, you should be careful with the memes you share, it must be relevant to your business or brand name.

Social Commerce

6. Social Commerce

Ecommerce purchases increased significantly last year and still rising in 2021. Social commerce has become very popular due to huge amount of ecommerce purchases referred by social platforms. Social media platforms contributed in the success of social commerce by helping online retailers to deliver their products through shoppable posts. Some of the famous fashion brands like ASOS and Levi’s started to offer their products widely on popular social platforms such as Instagram shop and Pinterest.

Augmented reality

7. Augmented reality

AR or augmented reality uses high technology to project computer generated augmentations into real world surroundings. The most popular use in social media is in filters you can apply to your face while video chatting or recording footage. A great example is Snapchat with thousands of options. Additionally, some brands like Vogue created their own filter on Instagram and enabled fans to use it and share it.

Personalized Marketing

8. Personalized Marketing

Using artificial intelligence and other technologies, gathering useful data about customers is much easier, advertisements now can reach more people by using effective targeting based on collected data. Some brands like Cadbury start to create personalized videos by pulling data from Facebook accounts and give them as special gifts to make their memorable moments shine.

Going Live

9. Going Live

Live videos increased by 99% in 2020. Over 1 million users are using live videos daily on Instagram, live videos will continue to dominate on social media over other content. Live videos create genuine connection with followers and rise brand credibility.

Nostalgic Marketing

10. Nostalgic Marketing

People are very attached to specific moments in their lives and there are some triggers that can make them remember these moments and create nostalgia. Helping customers to remember their happy memories will definitely grab their attention.


All events in the last year were unpredictable which make the brands to think about solutions and alternatives for their old strategies. Lockdowns kept people at their homes for very long time, which made them spend long time online. That forced different brands to adapt and reach their customers through different channels.

By following the trends above you will ensure that your business is delivering exactly what your customers need. Engaging your audience on social media is the best way to boost conversions.

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