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10 Proven Tips To Drag Free Organic Traffic (Expert Choice)

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You probably heard of the power of having enough sources of organic traffic. A lot of website owners struggled with generating free traffic and spent a large amount of money on paid advertisements. Paid advertisements are great to promote your website and bring new website visitors but having a good source of organic traffic is a better and more efficient way.

In this article I’m going to cover 10 powerful tips to drag free organic traffic proven by famous SEO experts like Brien dean and Neil Patel.

Guest posting

10 Proven Tips To Drag Free Organic Traffic

1. Guest posting

Guest posts is a great way to get valuable and free organic traffic. Contact website owners in your niche and suggest to write a guest post on their website. Keep your request professional and make sure you add value in your suggestion, then write a awesome article and include a helpful resource section where you can add a backlink to your website.

Click to tweet share tool

2. Click to tweet share tool

Social share tools are very important element in your website to make it easier for your visitors to share your content on their favorable social platform. What’s better than that is including a social share tool within your article. Find a sharable piece of your content and visit clicktotweet. Paste your tweetable content and get a link to embed in your article. You will get free organic traffic every time someone share it on Twitter.

Use list post format

3. Use list post format

List posts are easier to rank on google because they are easy and straight to the point. Thus, they are more likely to show up in search results as rich snippets. Write more list posts and keep your content helpful. Use more questions in subheadings and you will more likely to rank and get organic traffic.

Update old blog posts

4. Update old blog posts

Even the most engaging blog posts can get outdated eventually and you will need to upgrade them. Updating your old content regularly will ensure that you don’t lose more organic traffic visitors. Use tools like Animalz Revive to find old blog posts that you need to update.

Keep your content more sharable

5. Keep your content more sharable

Adding share triggers to your content also known as social currency, is very effective way to get more social media shares and reach out to more people. People are more likely to share posts that makes them look good around their friends. Make sure to add attention grabbing pictures to your article because most people like visuals.

Join a podcast

6. Join a podcast

One of the best ways to raise your credibility and bring free organic traffic to your website is by joining a podcast and talking about your favorite topics. Many podcast hosts will be delighted to share and discuss valuable ideas with you.

Watch your competitors

7. Watch your competitors

Keep an eye on the content shared by your competitors, use BuzzSumo to check the most engaging articles shared by your competitors and similarWeb to check the source of traffic. Then use that to write a better content to attract organic traffic from their sources.

Convert your performing content

8. Convert your performing content

Get more organic traffic by transforming your most performing content to different formats like, EBooks, videos, infographics, or podcasts. Some of your content will perform even better when converted to other formats.

organic traffic 1

9. Create more viral content

There are some important points to consider before publishing your content. These points make your content more likely to go viral.

  • Add enough visuals: pictures, screenshots, infographics, and videos the more visuals you have the better.
  • Viral content tends to add more value or solve a problem for the public.
  • Make sure your article is long enough to cover the topic.
  • Give your article a push by sharing and promoting on different social platforms.
Post on strategic times

10. Post on strategic times

There are many different popular social media networks but not all of them share the same strategic times for the best performance. Check the table below for the best times to publish on the most popular social platforms.



The most successful website owners keep their content SEO friendly and invest in time to make valuable content that will help a lot of other people. Remember that getting free organic traffic will take some time. Focus on the tips above will guarantee that you rank higher on search engine. Apply them then sit back and wait for the awesome results.

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