How To Trick Your Brain To Be Super Awesome (5 Easy Tips)

How To Trick Your Brain To Be Super Awesome (5 Easy Tips)

It’s all about your mindset, it’s all about you! Yes, it’s all about what you choose; whether you want to live happily, to feel fulfilled, to reach success or you want to live the rest of your life regretting things you didn’t or weren’t able to do, reach, or achieve. In this article, I’m going to explain how you can change your life into better one if you aimed for that by just adjusting your philosophy of life.

How To Trick Your Brain

Why mindset matters?

Could you believe that mindset would play a big role in your success or failure and will have an enormous impact on your entire life? Some people and especially those with a fixed mindset think that one has inborn and unchangeable qualities,    while others; those with a growth mindset believe that one’s abilities can be developed and strengthened by hard work. What happens if we had two individuals having different types of mindset who are facing a certain problem? The person with fixed mindset will absolutely feel that it’s impossible to solve it while the other one will take it as a challenge and learning experience; this person will surely work on his/her own skills and develop it in order to solve the problem. This is how mindset affects your success.

fix mindset

Train your mind

You just need to train your mind on this basis. If your aim is to look smart or to make others get satisfied about you, you will end up staying in the fear of not living up to others’ expectations. But, if you train your mind on loving new challenges, exploring and embracing new experiences, rather than seeing mistakes as setbacks; you are by that willing to try new things and make errors. So, you’re more likely developing a growth mindset and at the end, you’re about living up to one’s possible potential, possessing self-acceptance with lives free of guilt and resulting as self-actualized people.

Organize your thoughts

  The way you think impacts your results

One’s mind sees things according to a certain perspective stuck into his/her brain. This mindful perspective towards experiences or issues or problems or desires… etc., is resulted from a set of foundational beliefs and attitudes that affect the way he/she processes information around him/her. In fact, having an optimistic positive mindset helps in achieving success. If the subconscious beliefs you use were having a positive look and the skills you gained were staying optimistic like focusing on good things, practicing gratitude, and believing in oneself etc., it will absolutely make your life much better. On the contrary, negative thinking will ruin one’s life. Naturally, it’s easier for a human being’s mind to recall unpleasant memories and negative thoughts and to first remember bad moments and the sad feelings accompanied with it. One, with negative thoughts might think that he/she doesn’t deserve success or doesn’t have the ability to achieve success or feels that only lucky people succeed since his/her beliefs have been popped up from a shell full of bad stories and experiences that impact his/her hope in achieving success. And this is obviously an unproductive way of thinking.

brain logical and creative parts

5 Easy Tips to trick your brain and change it into a positive one!

1. Try to ignore your negative thoughts and focus on positive ones.

Suppose you had a dumb mistake at your work in the past and you still remember it until now, especially once you are asked for a similar mission. If you want to keep on recalling this failed story in your mind with the feeling that you’re stupid enough about it, this belief will turn into a truth about you since keep telling yourself that you’re an idiot will make you believe in that you are an idiot person. Instead, train your brain on stop doubting yourself. Believe in yourself and try to find a solution. Here are few tips which you can put into practice in order to confront negative thinking.

  • Be aware of your negative thoughts. Write them down and identify the reasons that stimulated them to come up into your mind.
  • Convert the negative thoughts into questions. So, in state of repeating to yourself that you are an idiot, ask yourself if you’re an idiot or not. Look up for an answer to your question. You will surely find much evidence that prove the opposite of this negative thought.
  • Challenge every negative thought arising in your head. You might fail in facing it. Stay on practicing and keep on doing that again and again until you succeed.
  • Distance yourself from negativity. Talk to positive people. Choose subjects related to positivity to talk with others about.
  • Distract yourself. Force yourself to think about something different from the negative situation you are facing. Switch your energy to do something else unrelated to your negative thought.
overcome your fears

2. Overcome your fears

Most of the times, feeling the fear from something is just an idea created in your mind without having any connection for it with reality. People usually suffer from the wrong fear that was mostly enhanced after a single fearful situation. For example, a student may get afraid from the official exams because he heard that it’s hard, couldn’t be solved easily and only smart students pass this exam. This thought may arise within him and lead to failure. However, this is a false fear. It is an illusion that one should remove it from his/her brain and do not allow it to control him/her. The six things you should do to overcome your fears is to learn more about your fear that remains hidden in your subconscious, use your imagination in positive ways, use your brain in a different way than usual, focus on your breathing, practice mindfulness and use nature as your therapist.

manage stress

3. Think positive and manage your stress

Positive thinking has a big power on changing your life. It helps with the stress management in improving your health. The first key of an effective stress management is optimism that is beneficial to your health like decreasing the rate of depression, gaining a better psychological and physiological well-being, better cardiovascular health and many others. In order to attain a positive mind that will affect your entire life, you should learn positive thinking skills; some of which we have: understanding self-talks that run through your head. Some of them come from logic and others arise from misconceptions. If these thoughts were negative, your outlook of life is more likely pessimistic. So in such a case, train your brain to practice positive thinking and focus on it by following these ways:

  • Identify the areas you think about “negatively” but you want to change.
  • Check yourself by evaluating your thinking.
  • Be open to humor. Smile, laugh and enjoy your time.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and learning techniques to manage stress.
  • Surround yourself with positive people; those who are supportive and you could depend on.
  • Practice positive self-talks like think about things you’re thankful for in your life. In other words, practice gratitude.
Be optimistic

4. Be Optimistic

The truth is that without optimism we cannot move forward. Anyone could get caught up in the wave of negativity and here’s the challenge to have an optimistic mindset after experiencing lot of bad and sad stories. Brian Tracy says: “Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other.” Your optimistic outlook will impact your overall success. To achieve an optimistic mindset, you have to train yourself to be mentally healthy. The right measure of mental fitness is how optimistic you are about yourself and your life. In order to be optimistic, you have to learn how to control your thinking. Here are some tips to think like an optimist:

  • First of all, eliminate negative phrases and replace them with positive ones. Instead of saying, “I can’t”, say “I can”, instead of “impossible”, “it is possible” and so on.
  • Record positive things happened to you or write down a list of things you’re excited about. This will help in lowering the stress level in you and make you feel happy and energized. Do this exercise every day or at least once a week or month.
  • Control your reactions towards setbacks. As for instance, consider a bad event or failure in your life as a temporary event in state of seeing it a permanent event. Take a moment to reflect on the challenge before you react, and look for improvements rather than responding. 
  • Isolate the incident by disconnecting it from other things going on in your life instead of expanding the stress you feel that will surely affect many unrelated areas of your life.
  • See disappointments as temporary events. Stay confident that you are capable of making changes.
  • Don’t take failure as personally and see events as external. Try to benefit from it as a learning opportunity.
  • Remain calm and practice detachment. When challenges arise, relax and interpret events more realistically and less emotionally.
  • Look for the good in every situation, look for a lesson you can learn when you have a failure or setback, you may not be able to control events but you can control the way you react to them and by that you have the ability to control your whole life.

Being optimistic may not be that easy but by hard work, commitment and will, you will be able to stand in the face of negativity.

Organize ideas

5. Organize your mind

Your dreams can come true once you believe that this will happen even if all the fundamental components aren’t found and available. It’s all about the way you think about it. As for instance, if you want to buy a car and you start thinking that to buy a car, I need 10,000 US dollars but I don’t have this amount in my pocket or in my bank account so this is not possible to do. In other words, the moment you’re saying this is impossible, you’re saying: “I don’t want it to happen.” So, here you have the desire to have something and at the same time, you don’t want it. Then at this point it won’t happen. Organizing your minds properly in one direction with propelling out your negative thoughts will make things happen and your desires and dreams come true.

Sadhguru’s view about Organizing your mind

Sadhguru, a famous Indian yogi and author, says that organizing your minds means moving your minds from a compulsive state of activity to a conscious state of activity. He talks about the ability of making things come true and making life happen the way you want it by having faith in God or in a certain temple or anything. According to him, faith works only for those people who are simple minded people, who don’t overthink; those who want things they desire happen. They don’t know how, they just want it to happen; they strive for it and have faith that it will happen even if it was beyond their expectations. This simple faith could make things happen for that their minds are left empty of negative thoughts. So in conclusion, people can use faith as a way to remove negative thoughts.

   If you still have much things in mind to obtain, much goals to reach, many dreams to make them come true. If you still want to attain success and you feel incapable of that, just work on changing your mindset and the way you see things, learn new things, develop your abilities and you are capable of changing who you are. Ultimately, you are able to change your life to what you want to.

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