How to free your mind

How To Free Your Mind And Never Worry About Covid-19

How To Free Your Mind And Never Worry About Covid-19 | Free your mind meaning | How to refresh mental health | Why we must have faith in humanity ?

How funny we are as humans. We decide that we should “plan” for things and we draw the path that we want to achieve, we design our visions and missions and we thrive to pursue them, and then when we see that things aren’t going as per the plan, so we get “shocked”! The probability and multipliers of change in this universe are too many that we can never take anything for granted. What if the only visions and missions we are allowed to consider, are the ones related to our own selves.

What if there are things we should develop in our own selves to evolve as beings to another level and be ready for any universal challenge, like Covid-19 the pandemic that shook humanity. It did, but what do you know about humanity and How much faith in humanity do you have? Many things shook humanity during humanity! Isn’t “shock” a major element for humanity?! Every now and then we have new shockers.

In this article you will learn how to free your mind, and what does it mean to refresh mental health?, how sending positive vibes can help you achieve that and more.

How to free your mind

Shocking Event

Hardship is imposed on us as humans since ever exactly for this! It is for us to evolve on all levels you’re your purpose in life you decide who is tougher, you? Or your hardship? Since you don’t have control over the hardship then all what you do is control yourself. Control! As if we were all participants of “the survivor show”.

Survivors are privileged with a well-developed support system that is interlinked with each other to form a solid core: Healthy despite the hunger, Aware in every instant situation, Independent as if he’s alone on an island, confident despite the risk, adapt to any shape of the system he’s surviving, and most importantly Positive despite all the despair around him!

Free your mind Meaning

When you free your mind, you are beating distractions that get in the way of what matters to you professionally and personally. Making ample space in your brain will boost your attention and confidence and uplift the standard of your own life.

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How to free your mind ?

How to free your mind | Health investment is always a good one!

Covid-19 attacks only one of your “core’s” components directly; however it is the most sensitive one, and can easily influence all of the following components, “health”! That is exactly why it scares us the most and makes us so focused on stressing about any “threat” instead of actually focusing on developing yourself as a whole to adapt to it.

Our health if touched in any way we get so alarmed about it because the struggle manifests instantly Unlike other components where it is possible for them to vanish and come back (like confidence, independence etc..), Health protection should be coming first in the development process. By health we mean all types of health biological health, mental health and energy’s health.

We fear anything that might lead to our physical health’s total deterioration, because we link death to our physical existence. We forget about the mental death, motivation’s death and energy’s death that might drive us to a physical death. Our body, the vehicle of our “core” that needs much care and attention. One of the first investments that is considered as a smart plan. Let us start our development process by developing this vehicle.

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How to free your mind | Awareness leads to better control

“Awareness is a key ingredient in success. If you have it, teach it, if you lack it, seek it.”

Michael Kitson

Awareness and knowledge are keys for “knowing your enemy”. We fear what we Covid like any attacker has weaknesses and has strengths. You don’t need to know about how Covid is currently dominating the world. Thus don’t focus for example on reading about “how fast Covid is getting spread?” which is of its strong points.

These info can only alter your confidence and distort your main focus. The precautions you should be taking are standardized precautions that should always be adopted by you as a self-defense shield to all scenarios. Instead Read about how to make your health status ready to receive Covid after being informed about all the preventive measures that you should be following.

How to free your mind | Control your Thoughts

The more you know about the virus scientifically the better. Don’t get into the emotional stories. Don’t go into “how did it feel like?” because people are different. Not only their bodies are different but their core is different.

Some people might have “health” strength level way weaker than yours, some already weighed themselves as weaker than Covid and underwent a challenge that you could have easily overcame , some people tend to be over exaggerating in their description, other people might be over simplifying their sufferings. It would be better to be very selective who to ask to get the best out of it.

These info however will only help you see Covid from an angle to get yourself readier to face, but what we care about is what is it? How to stay away from it? How long does it take? How to overcome it? These are the main questions you should be answering and retaining in your mind.

Refresh Mental Health

The selection of the source of info and the amount of info per day should be average. We have to stay up to date to what science is offering us as tips to our daily lives. Keeping up with the scientific updates about the vaccines and the treatments can be as stressful as following Covid spread rate in the planet. Researches are currently our weak point as humans. Let us feed and refresh mental health with knowledge of how this issue can alter us on the mental level, how it can drain us and how energy can heal us just by attracting the positive side.

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Refresh Mental Health | Depend on yourself and Mother Nature only

Independence is a factor that makes your decision-making way easier. Independence when earned it already secure many of our insecurities. Find your way for independence even during Covid. You have to be able to take care of your own core on many levels. It is always good to receive support from an external assistance, but even this support would lift us much higher when it is offered without the need for it.

We have to learn to live alone. We have to learn to fight alone and to overcome alone because the ultimate level of a solid core is a core that has dependents rather than a core that is depending on another more solid core. Independence development is also when you become a giver rather than a receiver. Especially mental and emotional independence that comes after deep bond between you and your own self. You know what you need and you understand how you feel in all the moments during all of the situations.

We became for a reason or another appreciating mother nature as a rescue. This call might be her call and all we have to do is put some attention All that we can depend on is what this universe has offered to us, Mother Nature. We saw more people wanting to connect with souls, animals and plants during quarantine. The Ecosystem called its components to reconnect.

learn to adapt

Refresh Mental Health | Adapting to a setting after overcoming the challenging settings

Our ability to Adapt is what makes of us Super Humans. The faster we adapt the easier we absorb the “shock”. It will also make us leaders in our surrounding especially when it’s hard for everyone to adapt. Just like a new advanced technology merging or a new currency rising, the earlier you get used to it the more in control you are.

Professional companies that could adapt with Covid are the ones that created a new system for the company to adopt taking Covid into consideration. They were responsive to this “change” element. It depends on how you put your own self’s vision. A hard while, many sacrifices to be offered, and life should go on with us being survivors. We should not be spending time on panicking instead of finding ourselves a work from home work and this is just one example.

The way we tackle our issues and how we look at things from a confident point of view makes us commit to developing all of the above. We will be wanting to invest more in our health for the good of it, we will want to get to know more about how to prevent it in order for us to make new system rule by a new solid core being able to face a new level of life.

It is hard for us as human to adapt easily to a different system, we only again focus on the disadvantages of the system like the facts that it is more boring, less social and less interactive, yet we don’t look at the good sides of it. Aren’t we sitting more with ourselves? With our families? Aren’t we prioritizing when why and who to visit? Didn’t we learn how to be productive when at home among our beloved ones and without getting the streets busy and without polluting the air? It made us prioritize our connections for us to limit our social life to the ones that really deserve the efforts.

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Refresh Mental Health | Confidence after filling the checklist

When you core material is strong, when you knew well your enemy and his position in front of you and when you’ve built an independent system that can allow you to master control over it and to pursue life, then automatically a certain confidence will rise in your being leading to your well-being. We tend to feel more confident when we are guilt free.

We feel more threatened by our own guilt when we fail to have our to-do list checked. Confidence can lead to normalizing the pandemic merging in our lives. When you predict the scenario, although you are doing all you should do to neither get infected nor attract negative energy, you become so ready to even live in this new system we’re creating as if we’re going to live with Covid for ever.

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Refresh Mental Health | Request positive results by sending positive vibes to the universe

Sending positive vibes is the best thing you can do at the right time! Too much stressing will only kill you until you get the virus and it ends you. Attracting a negative energy will only lead us to attract the dramatic events that we are already initiating their first structural shape in our minds. At its core, the law of attraction is the belief that your thoughts create your experiences. If you think positive thoughts, you will be sending positive vibes, and you will attract positive experiences. on the flip side, if you think negative thoughts, you will attract negative experiences.

“The way you think creates reality for yourself.”

oprah winfrey

Fearing something means we are already building scary scenarios in our heads. These scenarios never existed in our universe and now we’ll be making them exist for the first time, in our head. The more scenarios we make the more we are creating potentials for them to get realized. Let us free our mind from scenarios. Get rid of them. Replace them with music, with readings, with experience or with some productive job It’s not always about doing the best thing, it’s about doing the best thing in the right time! Too much stressing will only kill you until you get the virus and it ends you. With every major change, the system should reshape to contain the change.

Optimism is what drives the survivor to believe that survival is possible thus he pursues his mission accordingly. At the end of the day, no matter what happens you would have lived your mission and end it full of hope and positivity. I encountered two situations of two different family of which many members got infected consecutively. Each family has its own version of their “story with Covid”.

The reason might be the different shape, but let us not forget that science has proved the ability of the positive spirit and mind to heal the body and the soul at once. We only came to this life to prove ourselves on many levels: Power, Goodwill, Positivity, Confidence and believers. Believers in our core, in our humanity, in Mother Nature and in the connection that drives our purpose. We prove that we can.

When you have invested this much in yourself, when you have located your existence in a supportive system with all its components, when you do all what it takes, when you knew your enemy enough, when you believe in the shields you have and you know how to use them, when you believe in your powers the physical and the non-physical and you are ready for anything then why would you from now worry about what in the future might not happen?

Confidence in your own independent system leads to positive daily life. We came to evolve, to change, and to overcome. We have only one life to live. We can choose one of two scenarios either spending it with joy and laughs filling it or with worries and grieves.

clear green eye - Why we must have faith in humanity

Always have faith in Humanity

We define how life should look like by how much we empower ourselves. Humanity have always been facing changes, imbalances and shaking events since ever. Pandemics have been many and their death rates were higher than Covid19. It scares us because it’s hard to run away from being infected due its easy spread. Staying aware about our surrounding should be securing us rather than destroying us.

We all have faith in humanity. we are specialized with a brain that is a privilege among all other creatures for us to create. Allocating our skills, spirit and energy for the good cause makes us realize better how we should be behaving in our daily lives. Have faith in humanity when the hardship gets tougher than you! Because life has to go on no matter how it’s shaped. 

“We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things”

Stephen Hawking

Final Word

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us face challenges that can be overwhelming, stressful, and cause powerful emotions in adults and kids. Public health activities, such as social distancing, are required to decrease the spread of COVID-19, but they can cause us to feel isolated and lonely and may increase tension and anxiety. Learning how to deal with stress healthily will make you and the people you care about become more resilient.

In case you still have any questions on how to free your mind during Covid-19 pandemic let us know in the comment section.

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