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Most Popular Fashion and Beauty Trends in 2021 (celebrity choice)

Most Popular Fashion and Beauty Trends in 2021 (celebrity choice)

In the world of fashion, designers and industries tend to start preparing for the upcoming season at least 6 months before. They work in a certain way, according to a time schedule, in designing new items and launching a new collection in order to bring it onto the market at its time. The outcome they come up with is a result of the researches; designers have conducted and studies; experts have undergone on fashion trends in which they focus on and interpret them for their audience; taking into consideration the set of conditions happening and anticipating all the changes to consumer levels.

fashion and beauty trends

 It’s somehow different when it comes to year“2020”! It was a tough year on all aspects that will be archived in History Books for the series of disasters that happened and made people throughout the world get stunned. Everything has changed; even people’s lifestyle and routine have changed also, their interests have transformed and the consumer’s behavior has turned into another level of expending concepts including: items and products desired, the way products are sold, money spent on stuff, things one used to buy, but now have lost its necessity and many others too. Although we have seen many troubles making it a tumultuous year full of rolling events; however all what have happened, made it a premium year for many changes in the field of beauty tech. that will continue to be developed and set as trends for 2021!

Even if the pandemic of Covid-19 is continuing to rise up in 2021 and the lockdown is still the best solution ever to avoid this dangerous virus, many beauty experts are so hopeful that year 2021 will be a year where our beauty know-how is at an all-time high. In this essay, we will mention some of the forecasted beauty trends that experts predict will dominate in this year.

Printed Face Mask

Most Popular Fashion and Beauty Trends in 2021

1. Ornamented and Printed Face Mask

Wearing a mask is a necessity nowadays and will continue to be much necessary throughout year “2021” in order to stay safe especially when being around other people; since wearing a mask could help limit the spread of some respiratory diseases. Designers are taking all sorts of creative liberties to make our everyday face coverings the most stylish they can be. There are quite a few different face mask trends that you will be seeing in 2021, so I collected some of which you can shop easily and mentioned them below in which you can get back to, when you’re willing to choose a chic special face mask.

So, a cute patterned mask or a printed one is great but, a garnished mask is a trend that’s worth shopping. There is several cloth face masks out there made from clothing fabrics specialized for exercising and that are looking stylish; whether you were going for a run or during your sweat session or heading to the gym, you’ll likely be wearing a mask from the mentioned above; that you can be breathing comfortably during your sports sessions.

A Bold Lip

2. A Bold Lip

You’ll absolutely like the bold look with a warm bold lip that would change your mood. This season, a classic red lip teamed with a delicate wing as seen at Dolce & Gabbana, and some sexy gloss as per Molly Goddard are going to be one of Spring/Summer 2021 trends.

Dewy Skin

3. Dewy Skin

Amidst of the chaos and of all what happened in 2020 and the stress that has been caused because of the pandemic, many started noticing the changes they had to their skin like reducing elasticity. In 2021, you have to start thinking about bare faces, dewy skin and lightweight make-up; that’s all glowing.  Make like Paloma Elsesser at Marni and Anna Ewers at Etro, or the girls at Victoria Beckham, Supriya Lele, and Burberry. So, look up for moisturizers that will show up your beauty from within.

Dramatic Eyes

4. Dramatic Eyes

In a global health pandemic with the necessity of putting on facial coverings, eyes are the most self-expressing site so dressing up a dramatic look with rimmed eyes in black is of course back. See the moody kohl-rimmed eyes at Batsheva, Alice + Oliviaa and Dior… etc.  And the high drama, Cleopatra-like flicks at Valentino. And if you’re requesting for something softer, you can try smoky-grey matte lids at Channel.

Liquid Lipstick

5. Liquid Lipstick

One of the beauty products that will be kind of interest according to most women is the liquid lipstick. Women care for keeping their lips smooth, protected and moisturized and most of all; they want a long lasting lipstick that will stay on throughout the day without having to worry about sticking on their face masks.


6. Skinimalism

Skinimalism is going to be one of the biggest beauty trends in 2021. Having a healthy glowing skin naturally and putting on a minimal or no-makeup beauty look where your real skin shines through is a demand for every woman. In the age of Corona and according to “Pinterest”, makeup routines are changing to a wearing on a natural shiny skin to embrace slow beauty. Beauty experts have been focusing on having a natural and simple everyday makeup instead of wearing a thick one. They also advise to follow certain regular skin-care tips that will help you gain a beautiful youthful skin with no blemishes, pores, discoloration… etc. instead of wearing a makeup in the aim of covering it.

Cosmetic procedures

7. Cosmetic procedures for “Zoom Face”

Beauty cosmetics and masks were one of the most-searched beauty trends since we were hidden behind a mask and spent all of our time indoors. As we were forced to move our personal and professional lives onto the video platform, many of us became more aware about our appearances. A study of Google data, published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal, stated that higher demands for Botox, fillers and other plastic surgeries procedures have increased; as well as the number of searches for a variety of cosmetic products and procedures have increased too. The American Society of surgeons reported that “almost two thirds of clinics it surveyed had experienced an increase of virtual consultations.”
Sheila Farhang, cosmetic surgeon and founder of Avant Dermatology, says: “I am seeing an uptick in requests for eye area treatments.” She also recommends eye cream with caffeine to reduce swelling and brighten under eyes.

DIY Beauty

8. DIY Beauty

People are using their time at home to research advanced ingredients of skincare products and have become more knowledgeable when it comes to skincare and hair treatment. Some have turned their homes into spas for them to optimize their skincare routines. Others have taken YouTube beauty Tutorials as a reference for them to start experimenting with facial masks recipes, DIY hair styles and braids at home. Many have used what’s in their kitchen cupboards in an attempt to create the perfect DIY face mask at home.
As barbershops, beauty and hair salon shuttered due to the pandemic, people are looking for new hair styles, latest nail arts… etc. TikTok, Instagram and many social media platforms have become a popular destination for beauty tutorials and hacks.

Antibacterial Hair Care

9. Antibacterial Hair Care

Hair is probably contaminated with unseen viruses and bacteria which is harmful when touched. Brands nowadays like Biosilk and other brands are starting to develop antibacterial hair care; they are working on products’ ingredients of shampoos and cleansers that help in killing germs, bacteria and removing dirt. Many are going more natural these days by trying natural experiments and DIYS that kill bacteria on the scalp and alleviate dandruff and at the end, in order to effectively attain a natural hair. A DIY homemade natural shampoos made up of organic groceries is one of the famous hacks that people are loving such as coconut milk wash, herbal tea rinse… etc.


The market for personal care grows bigger and bigger, especially when it comes to beauty concerns; people look for trends to try. Knowing that, half of the growth in beauty is online and it is recently affected by, mostly particular influencers, in addition to what’s available in stores; that’s implied to the other half. Beauty industry is always propped up because of unique circumstances; one of which is that consumers, generally women, are always on a journey of exploration. They enjoy trying new products and procedures. They like finding new creative brands too. But at the end, between all the beauty trends always choose what suits you and what’s applicable and compatible to your needs.

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