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10 Ways to Increase Your Creativity Now (Proved by Experts)

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Do you find yourself creative? Whether your answer is yes or no you can be more creative. Some people might think that creativity is something only reserved by artists, actors, and musicians. In fact, everyone can be more creative, you only need to develop some good habits and you will be amazed of your ability to solve life’s problems and discover a new world full of opportunities.

In this article I am going to share with you some of the best science-based methods to boost your creativity and how to implement them in your daily routine. Let’s get Started!

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10 Ways to Increase Your Creativity Now

1. Allow yourself to be different

Get in touch with the child within. Express your ideas freely without worrying about what other people might think of it. Be grateful and start making habits of the things you love to do. Move on with confidence towards the things you always wanted to accomplish.

ask the right question

2. Ask the right question

Instead of asking Can I do something. Stop doubting your abilities and start by asking how to do it. This way your brain will start creating ideas to answer your question. Asking the right questions is essential to get the best ideas.

combine your ideas

3. Combine ideas in a unique way

Sometimes one idea is not enough to solve your problem but if you combine it with another idea you are more likely to find what you’re looking for.

create lots of ideas

4. Create lots of ideas

Keep in mind that there are no wrong ideas. Every idea can be used to solve some kind of a problem. Brainstorming is an excellent way and a very common technique to unleash natural creativity. by writing down your ideas and possible solutions in a short period of time, then organizing these ideas in order to come up with the best decisions.  

Use mind maps to organize and connect your ideas together by writing down the center word or topic, then link your ideas to that topic. This will create visual form of your ideas boosting your creative thinking.

be curious

5. Be curious about everything

Allow yourself to ask about everything. Curiosity is the key to create different ideas. Every time a question comes to your head, your brain will start thinking about it subconsciously. Asking questions is a very powerful tool for creative problem solving. Every time you have a good question you will end up with many creative ideas in response.

take a walk

6. Take a walk

Beside its health benefits doing any physical exercise can help you be more energized and refresh your mind to create new ideas. Walking is the best way to boost your creativity whether going outside or walking on a treadmill, studies have shown that results are quite the same. For more inspiration you can listen to new audio books or Ted talks while walking.

focus on creative hours

7. Focus on your most creative hours

Everyone has a short period of time during the day when they feel most creative and focused. That’s vary from one person to another. If you are a morning person you will invest morning hours to work on your ideas or side project because you have maximum energy and concentration levels during that time. While night owls feel more concentrated on their ideas late at night. 

avoid interruptions

8. Avoid interruptions

Creative ideas take time to develop and requires deep concentration and focus. So, it’s very important to eliminate any distractions that might interrupt you during this process.  Researchers found that it takes up to 20 minutes to reach the same level of concentration after being interrupted.

Organizing your work environment is a great way to help you focus on your work. Studies have shown that putting plants in your workspace can boost your creativity. additionally, it’s recommended to switch off internet or turn off any unnecessary notifications.

know when to stop

9. Know when to stop  

Taking enough rest is essential to recharge your creativity. however, sleeping is not the only way, some of the great ideas come to you while you’re taking a shower. Next time you feel a lack of creativity give yourself a break, do something completely different. You will be surprised of the results!

classical music to boost your creativity

10. Music

Listening to music in the background while you work is very beneficial to stimulate creativity. Also, it helps you block any distractions for the surrounding. Next time try listening to classical music like Mozart while working on your project.

Bonus Tip

Surround yourself with blue

Researchers found that surrounding yourself with color blue can increase your creativity. On the other hand, the color red will increase your focus on tiny details.


Our world prizes creativity but it doesn’t provide us with any particular practice to raise it. Creativity lies inside each one of us. Remember to always write down your ideas whether you’re working on a project or not because creativity is like a muscle and you should treat it like that.

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