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10 Most Iconic Classic Style Ideas (By Best Designers)

The Most Iconic Classic Style Ideas

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Whoever you are today, it is Because of History

It is false to consider yourself into fashion if you do not have any knowledge about its history, the evolution of styles and textiles or the influence of every design, as fashion repeats itself over time.

A few lines later, you will briefly learn about the history of fashion that has always been a great source of countless inspirations to any successful designer today.

Evidently, fashion started when human beings began wearing clothes made from animal skins, bones and plants, however, fashion truly started to take off when the corset was made in the Victorian era, the period between about 1820 and 1914. In fact, the first fashion designer in the world is believed to be Charles Frederick who started the tradition of design houses.

In the beginning of the 20th century, several fashion houses started to employ the services of designers to develop clothes patterns that first took place in the “fashion capital”, Paris.

During this period, sewers designed unique custom-fitted clothing “haute couture”, exclusively for every client. After WWII, numerous fashion houses started rising such as Chanel, Balmain and Givenchy.

These design houses that are prominent today for the most luxurious fashion in the world, represent history and mythology in their logo designs. For instance, the logo design of Versace was inspired from the most famous of the monster figures in the Greek mythology, the snake-haired Medusa.

We hope that you will see classic style in a new light as you dig deeper in this article and discover ten of the most iconic fashion houses of all time!

On the Runway

Relax your hands, square your shoulders and straighten your back because you are about to enter the most fashionable runway ever!

Step by step, you will learn more about some of the most iconic classic style pieces such as Dior’s Ballet skirt and Chanel’s “Little Black Dress” that are infinitely remembered by the whole world.

These elegant designed garments belong to the category of “classic style” in fashion, in other words, pieces that can forever be valuable in terms of quality. 

Join us in this article to learn about some of the most influential classic style designs in history!

The Most Iconic Classic Style Ideas By Top Designers

Coco Chanel Classic style fashion

1. LBD, Coco Chanel- “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.”

The Little Black Dress or LBD was first noticed in the Great Depression era, where people searched for the most affordable items. The LBD was a simple and chic black dress with long narrow sleeves that remained an outfit of choice during a long period.

In 1926, a drawing of the LBD, accessorized with a string of pearls was published by Vogue in crêpe de Chine.

Black represents class and flair, nobody can go wrong in black, therefore, it is still one of the top wearable colors until today that represents classic style as its best.

Christian Dior classic style fashion designers

2- Ballet Skirt, Christian Dior- “Even when there are no more secrets, fashion remains a mystery.”

After the end of WWII, Christian Dior introduced joyful fashion through a puffy ballet skirt, a classic style entitled the “New Look”. This luxurious ballet skirt still represents femininity until today while habitually matched with an edgy leather jacket. 

Burberry  classic style fashion ideas

3. Trench coat, Burberry – “Cuando hases algo que verdaderamente disfrutas. Es difícil pensarlo como un trabado.”

The Burberry Trench coat is Burberry’s most famous classic style piece. During WWI, the Burberry Trench coat was tremendously worn by British officers to shield them against harsh weather. In fact, the D-shaped belt ring was utilized for attaching small items such as maps. 

Christian Louboutin best classic style fashion examples

4. Louboutins, Christian Louboutin – “High heels are pleasure with pain.”

Ever wondered how Christian Louboutin was inspired by the idea of red soles?

In reality, the signature color was truly motivated by Louboutin’s assistant, as she was painting her nails in a bright red color. After Louboutin’s attention was captured, he took the nail polish from his assistant and started to paint the sole in red.

Until today, famous designers and celebrities who opt for classic style, still choose Louboutins to combine with any outfit, at any special occasion!

Calvin Klein classic style fashion ideas

5. Slip Dress, Calvin Klein- “Anyone who is secure about herself shouldn’t be threatened by the ads I do.”

As mentioned before, Chanel created the LBD; however, in 1990, Calvin Klein was the one responsible for offering the classic style dress an exceptional twist by turning it into a strappy above-the-knee nightwear.

The slip dress became a brand-new trend for underwear as outerwear and a bestseller for Klein in 1989.

Yves Saint-Laurent classic style fashion ideas

6. Smoking Jacket, Yves Saint-Laurent – “Fashion’s fade, style is eternal.”

Did you know that through “Le Smoking Tuxedo”, Yves Saint Laurent empowered women all around the world?

Invented in 1966, the Smoking Jacket introduced a new concept of classic style in fashion by allowing women to be feminine and masculine at the same time and for the very first time in history.

Yves Saint Laurent’s unique design is still famously existent in the world of classic style.

Manolo Blahnik classic style fashion ideas

7. Stiletto, Manolo Blahnik- “There is nothing charming about a woman who cannot walk in her shoes.”

Stiletto first shined bright in 1971 on Ossie Clark’s runway.

Representing the feminine style, these classic style shoes were designed with ribbons, lace and everything girly that can ever cross your mind!

Stiletto was again popular in the early 2000’s for the ‘toe cleavage’ look.

Diane von Fürstenberg classic style fashion ideas

8. Wrap Dress, Diane von Fürstenberg – “My definition of beauty is strength and personality.”

Diane von Fürstenberg’s wrap dress became a classic style piece first presented back in 1972.  

The influential piece was very famous for reflecting women’s liberation, with a message that proves that women desire simple, comfortable and slimming clothes.

The wrap dress was one of Diane von Fürstenberg’s biggest successes, a legendary triumph.

Hermès classic style fashion ideas

9. Birkin, Hermès- “You dream it up Hermes makes it happen.”

During her flight from Paris to London back in the 80’s, Jane Birkin was complaining that she still has not found the picture-perfect weekend handbag that is on her mind. Subsequently, seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas, whom she did not know was the CEO of Hermès, Jane started describing to Dumas what her dream bag would look like.

After a short period of time, Jane Birkin was offered a custom-made handbag with a special note, and from that day the Birkin became the most renowned luxury handbag, a classic style worldwide!

Ray-Ban classic style fashion ideas

10. Aviators, Ray-Ban- “Genuine since 1937″

The very first Aviators were designed for US Air Force pilots in 1937, but it was until 1942 when Aviators became iconic classic style, after shots of General Douglas MacArthur while landing wearing Aviators were featured on the front pages of newspapers internationally.

Could anyone disagree that Ray-Ban Aviators are the most phenomenal sunglasses in history?

End of Fashion Show!

Finally, it has happened and we have come to the end! After checking ten of the most iconic classic styles that we have put together for you, what is your favorite classic style from this list? We would be glad to read your expert feedbacks in the comments below!

  • LBD, Coco Chanel
  • Ballet Skirt, Christian Dior
  • Trench coat, Burberry
  • Louboutins, Christian Louboutin
  • Slip Dress, Calvin Klein
  • Smoking Jacket, Yves Saint-Laurent
  • Stiletto, Manolo Blahnik
  • Wrap Dress, Diane von Furstenberg
  • Birkin, Hermès
  • Aviators, Ray-Ban

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