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6 Easy Steps To Write An Awesome Blog Post (With Practical Tips)

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Writing a blog post is a great way to share your inspiration to others or discuss a certain topic with public. Whether you’re planning to write your first blog post or you wish to write more engaging content you need to follow the right steps to get there. With millions of bloggers creating content every day. Your content must be very unique in order to reach the audience you’re targeting. In this article you will learn how to write an awesome and unique blog post with 6 easy steps.

 Find the right topic

6 steps to write an awesome blog post

1. Find the right topic 

The first step is to find an interesting topic to write about. Trending topics tend to bring the best results because they are highly engaging. Visit exploding topics to find the most searched keywords on google with an estimated growth percentage. These trending keywords will inspire you to choose your next blog post topic. It’s recommended that you select a fresh trending topic to write about because low competition keywords are much easier to rank on search results.

Create a very specific headline

2. Create a very specific headline

Take your time to write an attention-grabbing headline. Start your headline with a proven phrase and end it with a benefit. Make sure to include a number and your focus keywords. Additionally, power words and brackets will make your headline perform better on search results.

Write an interesting introduction

3. Write an interesting introduction

Next, you need to write the most suitable introduction for your blog post. Introduction is the most important part of your content because it gives the reader an idea of what to expect from reading your article.

Use the PPT formula (Preview + Proof + Transition)

  • Preview: give your audience an idea about the content
  • Proof: support your idea with a proof such as, years of experience, testimonials, number of clients, etc.
  • Transition: use transition phrases for example, Let’s get started.
Keep your content easy to read

4. Keep your content easy to read

Write short paragraphs and use enough sub headers to simplify your point. Add enough visuals to your blogpost such as, pictures, infographics, charts, etc. Remember to use the recommended font size 16-20 pixels.

Another important point to consider is the length of your blog post. The most performing blog posts tend to be longer but it really depends on the type of article you’re writing. Make sure your content is long enough to cover the main subject and related ideas.

Write a powerful conclusion

5. Write a powerful conclusion

The conclusion will leave another impression for the reader about the article. A good conclusion can be a summary, some recommendations or your personal opinion.

Use TAC process to end your blog post with an awesome conclusion

  • Transition: use a good transition phrase like, you’re all set! Time to tell us what do you think.
  • Ask: create a question about your blog post or ask for opinion.
  • Call to Action: give a clear call to action such: comment below, like my blog post, subscribe to the newsletter, etc.
Optimize your blog post for SEO

6. Optimize your blog post for SEO

The main reason you need to optimize your blog post for SEO is because of free organic traffic you can get from appearing in search results. Keep your blog post optimized by using focus keywords fairly enough, using short URLs, and adding internal links for other related articles.


After writing your blog post going through the steps above, now it’s time to promote your content. Promoting your content is extremely essential to make sure you reach the right audience and get a higher ranking on search results. Consider creating new formats of the most engaging content for example, you can make a short video or pdf file. In the end the more people see your content the better results you will get.

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  1. Initially when I began blogging 6 years ago I had several topics at mind. It was weening myself down from 10 topics to at least 4. More topics may sound nice but in the long run a small list your able to stick to. Yes, pictures, graphics and design help a blog stand out on it’s own. So good to connect with you.

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