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Why 5G Integration Makes The Real Evolution (5G Pros And Cons)

“Once you’ve understood what 5G can offer, you need to imagine the art of the possible – building use cases to revolutionize the way people work and operate.”

Martin Flick, chief executive, Olive Communications
5g versus 4g

Understanding 5G

5G is not just an upgrade from 4g, it is more of an upcoming “revolution” in Technology as a whole. we’re simply talking about the live-like ultimate speed of transmission, the ultra-low latency (two words you’ll probably read in any article related to 5G). In addition to its huge capacity, another term defining one of 5G powers, will only allow users to have a different unlimited space of data transfer and retention at once.

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Low-latency characteristic

Latency is the time interval between sending a demand and receiving a response. Imagine this process to be just as fast and as live as having a face-to-face conversation. It is just about making all the processes real, live, efficient, instant, fast and remote all at once! Virtual offices, virtual meetings! Add to that some Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) as 5G feeds so much these two fields pushing them to advance to a new milestone. The evolution of each field feeds the other to form a constantly evolving experience reaching reality. This reality exceeds visual reality to reach an effective reality contributing to remote healthcare, safer transportation, precise agriculture and digitized logistics and more as per Qualcomm.

What differs 5G from 4G in their concepts is that 4G is based on huge towers sending signals to each other from a far distance whereas 5g is about small devices connected everywhere to each other send signals over a short distance. Normally, a good 4G latency for internet for general browsing is usually less than 100 ms. For intense gaming 30 ms is recommended as ideal. 4G fastest internet broadband reaches a 10 – 20ms considered as the fastest rarely available internet. 5G can reach only 1ms of latency, which will offer a new user experience allowing more connected devices from home automation to smart cities.

remote jobs

Recruiting universally for remote jobs

The massive capacity allows users to connect remotely, preventing worries about their devices internal memory and offering an easy remote access to softwares. The amount of data transferred doesn’t affect neither the process nor the speed of transfer! This will revolutionize some industries, by allowing accurate finishing of remote work for some tasks that used to urge and require physical live presence. It turns to keep the live presence of the human resource without the need for the actual physical part. Extending the dimensions of our ability and availability to achieve to a whole new level. There’s a strong relationship between the rise of 5G and the increase of connected devices to the IoT since the more we have our cloud interlinked the best we can function on many levels in different fields. Given that jobs related this 5th generation has to be involved in everything with an ability to take consultancy to a whole new universal competitive fair job market to both the talents and the talent seekers.

Another contribution to recruitment is again speed! With AI and ML (Machine Learning) selecting the best candidate is eased by the speed to surf big data reaching the best match to the position needed. This will lead to reducing recruitment cost as well.


5G evolving business on many levels:

1. 5G Evolution of procurement

many of us have been subject to disappointment while shopping online because of a 2D image giving a false reality of the product. With AR/MR reflecting a 3D/ Hologram shape of the desired product will minimize disappointment.

The review system will only shape out these Holograms until it is perceived as reviewed. The speed of e-commerce catalyzed by 5G enable any consumer to receive any product around the world which will boost competition leading to efficiency and guarantees in the procurement departments

5G high speed would certainly make communication easier than ever before, which would result in economical approaches and ensure efficacy specially that the lower dormancy rate of 5G reduces connection drops to rare.

So for a purchaser to get an item, 5G will allow him to surf more options in a worldwide market in a minimal amount of time will lead to ordering the ideal item and receiving it faster.

online meetings

2. 5G Evolution of meetings

So, users in high-density areas — like airports, stadiums, or urban areas — can still experience the fast speeds and low latency of 5G service allowing one to perform his job anywhere regardless the crowd occupying the space

Thanks to unlocking Ar/AI/VR, meetings can be done remotely regardless the location of the attendees providing them an immersive experience. Video conferencing and conference calls will allow a flexible working and a remote experience leading to more seamless opportunities for in-office employees to talk to their remote colleagues virtually.

sales person

3. 5G Evolution of Sales

Due to high speed of manufacturing and production, sales will also face a real time increase per hour as ordering online won’t take days anymore. Your online presence will be will be more vital with 5G, with higher speed and higher loading capacity people will consume more online. We’ll be seeing digital ads on more screens and surfaces. The high speed will allow more ads to be generated in a given time. Alternative reality ads will rise where people wearing special AR glasses or using AR cameras somewhere can receive a pop ad (like burger king ad). Aside from AR the fast speed can open a door for Hologram Ads, it is still a nascent technology being experimented by big companies. Interactive ads will become a special field of creativity and innovation allowing the user to understand a product of even try it before getting it (think about the current example of the apps ads of a game where you can try to play it before you close the ad)

ad exchange OpenX Chief Product Officer Todd Parsons said, since “5G will blow up the architectures we have.” For example, autonomous cars (explained below) may become moving living rooms, creating marketing and advertising opportunities beyond audio Most of marketer’s main challenge is ideal data collection for better product customization for customers, the low latency and high capacity reduce the amount required for data collection from long hours to few minutes

global chain

4. 5G Evolution of supply chain

5G will improve operational efficiency in terms of logistics, transportation, manufacturing, automotive and retail. According to Dropoff’s annual study of U.S. consumers, 69% wouldn’t purchase from a retailer again if their delivery was late. 5G will bring confidence to the retailers who will be able to watch for his product status in an accurate manner boosting the retailer’s credibility in the eye of consumers.

5G’s high-speed supply chain performance is more transparent, efficient and traceable from collection to delivery including products storage. 5G can address three key areas in inventory and warehouse management: ideal process, remote maintenance and supervision, and deploying autonomous vehicles for transporting the products. Autonomous vehicles will ensure a safe transportation flow as the advanced transmitters (sensors) will lead to collision avoidance and providing the controllers of a real time tracking which will allow remote supervisors to take a fast instant corrective action and decision making in case any surprising event took place.

medical VR

5G Evolution of operations of each field as follows


With assistance to robots, AI, AR a doctor is now being able to perform a surgery for a patient residing in the other side of the planet. This will lead to an open healthcare competitive market for physicians allowing them to reach an international target market. Moreover, all patient’s data will be analyzed by AI for any Irregularity before even referring to a Doctor.

Electric cars


autonomous cars (driverless) will reduce Spending time on driving and their electric characteristic will add them to the green market. Cars can communicate to each other avoiding crashes through Iot For example, if transceiver (transmitter and receiver) were connected to the roads buildings, restaurants, street, lights and parking lots by Iot (internet of things) an autonomous car (driverless) would deliver itself by accurately driving and then parking itself in an empty lot

retail store

5G Evolution of retail

Smart shelves sensing a product running low will sending an out-of-stock alert will contribute to an increased customer satisfaction avoiding any disappointment of not finding an item. In general, inventory management and warehouse operations will become more efficient. AR for example can help the customer in customizing the shoes before ordering them online with VR headsets they will be able to take a walk and try it or “test-drive” a car as per Vodaphone

For fashion retail Virtual fitting rooms will allow the shopper to try out hundreds of outfits in less than a minute. Using AR/VR enhances the consumer’s experience. The dressing room of the future, interactive “magic mirrors” can recognize the products someone tries on this can provide valuable information about the customer preferences and algorithm of his own taste (studying the time he took to try on an item versus another, the preferred colors, repeated shapes etc.)

Customized in-store advertisements would increase sales by giving suggestion of matching items would pop up in addition to a corner for “Items you may like” based on the algorithm of your tried items or bought ones. If you need another size you don’t just shout in the store, you just press a button to raise your alert. The whole shopping experience will become more personalized while giving more relevance to the digital mobile wallet and more speed to e-commerce.


Manufacturing industry 4.0

In 1850 everything was customized, then in 1900 the industrial revolution came and we started driving Fords and everything became produced in mass. Now with cyber-physical system and industry 4.0 society we’re going back to product customization. To meet the demands made by each consumer the automation process needs to be much more flexible, we need robots that are flexible enough to do it when we have cloud solutions that can handle a huge amount of data along with huge computer power to execute more intelligent algorithms, we’ll be able to optimize results in real time.

Industrial advances 5G will contribute to industrial advances. The manufacturing industry is expected to advance rapidly through faster and effective inspections due to predictive intelligence enabled by 5G which will boost economic value by reducing defect rates, increasing unit production and reducing human power need for line staff

Operations control and supervision will be more accurate with real time videos for supervisors to detect hazard leading to minimizing error e.g: what is going on at my factory? Has something been moved? Is someone on the floor? Technologies adopting 5G such as drones, the internet of things and mixed reality would make workplace a safer place that injuries and death rate in dangerous jobs (e.g construction) is greatly decreased. Moreover, Clients will enjoy reduced operation cost as sending employees to high altitudes or using airplanes is eliminated thanks to the use of robotics

The future will bring huge changes to industry 4.0. Imagine entering your factory with an AR application and by programming apps the code will be transferred to the physical robot generating the same motion as programmed. Ordering your customized product online will be received by the robot and delivered to your door in only few hours.



using augmented reality and virtual reality on the venue management side is unlocked by 5G so you can walk into an empty ballroom, unfolding your phone and creating an overlay that you will be able to walk over the room as per the new visualized layer.

A fast responsive wireless network can help in boosting venues safety e.g: Using geolocation services to locate individuals in venues and to report incident and take fast action in instantly sending alert

Fo example 5G would allow for buildings to install an automation system that’ll control ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, and other systems through a management system controlled remotely by human power.

Vanessa Ogle, CEO of hotel technology provider Enseo, told Skift. “Hoteliers should be looking to redeploy their network investment into ‘smart’ investments now that can easily be repurposed for things like IoT smart room features that will still be relevant even when 5G is in full swing.



Media users will be expected to be able to download more than 4k videos in few seconds without wifi. Watching a live broadcast will be an immersive viewing experience as if you were physically in the event you’re watching.

With AR/VR gaming experience can reach a real aspect to a point where the football player feels the ball hitting his knee for example.

 “Sports” will be offering a new live experience and will be turning into entertainment companies where it will be expected for every player to be using a camera to transmit real time data to the viewer. Using AR/VR can reflect a real show for the viewer providing an immersive experience where one can watch a football game remotely with a friend using a shared display that includes many features providing real time info like the instant status of the player on a video chat that will allow both users to engage together and comment on the match while seeing each other’s reactions.

Taking the decision to include 5g in your business is not a simple decision business have to first be aware of the expenses resulting from 5g Requirements especially in term of equipping the company to prepare it for the 5G Deployment. Also, investing in data analytics tools is a complementary necessity for the success of deployment, as the use of 5G will lead to dealing with huge amounts of data in a very short time, thus the company needs to be ready for the collection, storage and usages of this Data for optimal success. It is important to highlight the importance of 5G education to employees so they can understand dealing with the technology and acknowledging what it can offer to the business. Since businesses are going to rely mainly on mobile networks, they have to consider employing more IT specialists to supervise and maintain workflow. At the end of day, technology will keep evolving and what is new today is considered as limited compared to what will be innovative in the future, thus whether it’s now or in years later, businesses who would wish to compete with worldwide markets have to start strategizing for 5G deployment now and in the long run.

5G doesn’t mean killing the human connections, contrarily human connection has taken a more efficient aspect.

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